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Written by Ray Province   
Saturday, 20 February 2010 15:18
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Failte go a Ozarks!  Life in the Ozarks is the informational page for the websites that I keep to write about my love of this great place I call home.  But that seems only fair, as life in the Ozarks is very rich and full, and it certainly is worthy of more than just one page on a large website of our interests.  We hope that you will remember this site, and use it as a spring board to other interesting information.

The is our very first website.  It started out as a chronicle about life in the Ozarks, told from the perspective of the Irish who live here.  Many people have asked how we came up with that name. Well, it is a term I coined some time ago for my wife, who is Irish and grew up in Branson , Missouri, in the heart of the Ozarks. She is the true Celtic Ozarkian, the Irish Hillbilly! Yet, my own family tree, on my mother's side, is also full of the tails of the Scottish and Ulster Irish, though my last name is Celtic French in origin.   To me, that is what it means to be an American, though. We are all mutts of some sort. The website now features a Celtic theme, and will share lots of good information about all things Irish and Scottish in the Ozarks. Come and see us for Celtic Ozark music, Celtic Ozark Interests, Celtic Ozark History, Irish Pubs, and information on Celtic Ozark Fine Spirits. is my gardening blog.  It is something I really enjoy. We practice raised bed, organic gardening. We also use heirloom seeds.  So, this is the blog where I write on tips to help people learn how to garden.  There are a lot of good gardening sites out there. The reason I decided to blog on the subject was I because many of those articles did not give me the information I need to get started quickly. So, I have tried to make this my brand for my gardening in the Ozarks articles. I want people to be able to take the information and put it to use that day.


Well, now you know the story of Life in the Ozarks. If you have managed to stay with us this far, we thank you for visiting our website.  Please book mark this website, and tell your friends about it.  It will always be here as a way to keep up with our passions.


Raymond C. Province


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